Who's Hosting?

Your 13 Moons Hostesses with the Most-esses are a bunch of fabulous and flawed ladies who met in the Portland Intergenerational Women’s Choir (PIWC). We share a commitment to fostering and honoring intergenerational relationships and experiences and believe that we are strongest when our wisdom is shared. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions: caitlinquinncredible@gmail.com


Caitlin Quinn is a drama, art, and health teacher in Portland Public Schools and founder and director of the Imaginaries Youth Summer Theater program. She is a teacher of the imagination for children of all ages and is passionate about bringing people together to make meaning out of the experiences we all share. She believes in building strong female communities and creating meaningful ceremonies around the paths we all walk, honoring the transitions we each experience as women. She leads and paddles with The Valkyries dragon boat team and sings with the (PIWC). Before becoming a teacher, she worked as a costume designer and is continuously inspired by the artful presentation of life and will be bringing lots of dress up items to the retreat! She welcomed her first child, son Raynor Bernard, on May 21st! 

Rosemary Brensen is the President of the Intergenerational Outreach Choirs (IOC) board, enjoys all things related to grandmas, and loves making art out of sticks, stones, and thread. She welcomed her first child, son Silas, in January!


Kacy Borba, aka Sweet Sauce, is one-half of the superstar duo Sweet-n-Sour. Kacy is a Naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist in Portland. She thinks that being bipedal is the coolest and likes to be in motion, whether walking, skateboarding, dancing, or hula hooping. She believes there’s no better dessert than the chocolate chip cookie. She strives to find what is to love in each soul she meets! Her son Ayoleeto (all long vowels) was born early on July 23rd this year and will be joining us at retreat!


Jenna Kangiser, aka The Sour Patch Kid, is the other half of the superstar duo Sweet-n-Sour. Jenna is a native Oregonian and feels most at peace by bodies of water and with mountains within view. She is passionate about service and community, mainly singing with the PIWC and volunteering as a counselor with Camp Starlight. Taking a break from the 9 to 5 world, she is figuring out what her passions are and what she should be when she grows up. She likes to take road trips with the purpose of getting lost only to find herself again. Jenna has adequate talents in tap dancing, rapping and magic.


Willa Johann is a writing coach and educator in Portland. She has an MFA in Creative Nonfiction and works with writers, performers, and storytellers of all ages. She has led horse treks through the Andes, sings with the PIWC, and paddles dragon boats with The Valkyries. 


Jenn Bell is a transplanted Midwest girl who loved growing up there but can't imagine living there now. She is a former camp counselor and pre-school teacher but is now all about the fur babies. She is the channel marketing manager at Evanta. She keeps 13 Moons hyper organized, is the IOC Vice President and loves to sing whether at karaoke or in choir, is a flag-twirling genius, and is a craft beer aficionado.