What's The Plan?

Throughout the weekend we will spend time together as one large group and will break up at various times between multiple sessions for you to choose what suits you best. There are no age restrictions or limits on sessions – if you are bringing children, please have them attend whatever you feel is most suitable for their age and development. If the sessions are geared to an older audience, we will have additional options at that time for younger children. 

All sessions are optional – if you would prefer to spend time roaming the beautiful grounds of the camp, writing, drawing, or simply relaxing on your own – you are free to do that as well. It's your weekend!

Take a look at our tentative 2017 schedule. 
Workshop particulars are subject to change.

2017 Group Sessions

Preparing your Soil
We will gather as a group for the first time to prepare our soil and open ourselves up to the possibilities ahead of us. We will consider what our intentions for the upcoming year and season might be. We will release what we no longer need and make sure that we have ample nutrients and support to grow all of our dreams into realities.

Planting your Seeds
We will create a space in which we can imagine our futures and set clear intentions. Together, we will create a ritual to plant our intentions and femifest our dreams. 

Tending your Garden
Having come together all weekend to do some soul gardening, we are now prepared to think about the next steps on our journey. Together we will support one another and prepare ourselves to continue the good work we started this weekend in the months to come.

Breakout Sessions

Macrame Crafting with Rosemary
Show your love for yourself and your friends through crafts! Learn to macrame with a simple plant hanger. Great for all ages.

Creative Self-Expression with Caitlin
Take a walk on your creative side! Explore your past, enjoy your present, or imagine your future with a variety of guided art projects that will allow you to express your unique self and create your own masterpiece! Supplies provided for writing, painting, collaging, coloring and drawing and more! Great for all ages.

Storytelling with Willa
Bring your journal and take some time to reflect on you, your journey, your stage in life. We will explore work by powerful women writers, free write about our own experiences, and practice the art of personal storytelling.

Plant Meditation with Kacy & Jen
Enjoy a plant meditation class that will take participants on a short nature stroll; followed by a gently facilitated meditation, then sharing and discussion of the plant’s healing properties.

Intro to Ayurvedic Medicine with Hayleigh 
Learn more about the one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems.

Morning Yoga with Hayleigh
Greet the day with refreshing and restorative morning yoga nestled in the beautiful forest.