What's The Plan?

Throughout the weekend we will spend time together as one large group and will break up at various times between multiple sessions for you to choose what suits you best. There are no age restrictions or limits on sessions – if you are bringing children, please have them attend whatever you feel is most suitable for their age and development. If the sessions are geared to an older audience, we will have additional options at that time for younger children. 

All sessions are optional – if you would prefer to spend time roaming the beautiful grounds of the camp, writing, drawing, or simply relaxing on your own – you are free to do that as well. It's your weekend!

Workshop particulars are subject to change.

2017 Group Sessions

Preparing your Soil

We will gather as a group for the first time to prepare our soil and open ourselves up to the possibilities ahead of us. We will consider what our intentions for the upcoming year and season might be. We will release what we no longer need and make sure that we have ample nutrients and support to grow all of our dreams into realities.

Planting your Seeds

We will create a space in which we can imagine our futures and set clear intentions. Together, we will create a ritual to plant our intentions and femifest our dreams. 

Tending your Garden

Having come together all weekend to do some soul gardening, we are now prepared to think about the next steps on our journey. Together we will support one another and prepare ourselves to continue the good work we started this weekend.

Breakout Sessions

Macrame Crafting with Rosemary

Show your love for yourself and your friends through crafts! Learn to macrame with a simple plant hanger. Great for all ages.

Creative Self-Expression with Caitlin

Take a walk on your creative side! Explore your past, enjoy your present, or imagine your future with a variety of guided art projects that will allow you to express your unique self and create your own masterpiece! Supplies provided for writing, painting, charm-making, collaging, coloring and drawing and more! Great for all ages.

Plant Meditation with Kacy

Enjoy a plant meditation class that will take participants on a short nature stroll; followed by a gently facilitated meditation on Rosemary, then sharing and discussion of the plant’s healing properties.

Storytelling with Willa

Bring your journal and take some time to reflect on you, your journey, your stage in life. We will explore work by powerful women writers, free write about our own experiences, and practice the art of personal storytelling.

Intro to Ayurvedic Medicine with Hayleigh 

Learn more about the one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems.

Morning Yoga with Hayleigh

Greet the day with refreshing and restorative morning yoga nestled in the beautiful forest. 
Hayleigh is a 500hr RYT yoga teacher who has been traveling for the last 6 months in India and SE Asia and finally returning back to the nest in Portland, Oregon this September. For the past year and a half she has been studying and practicing Ayurveda and other holistic healing methods from multiple wisdom traditions. She is a kind-hearted soul always looking for the next adventure. She loves being in nature, almost all outdoor activities are appealing to her, even if she hasn't tried them yet! Her passion is the path of yoga and inspiring self-healing and self-prosperity to people all over the world! In her teaching practice she is called to working with children, women, and people with disabilities.

Changing Bodies - Maiden, Mother, and Crone: Part One- Becoming the Maiden. 

Each stage in life is amazing! Let’s take the time to honor the maiden, when young girls step into womanhood. There is no perfect script to follow along the way and no particular one path.  Each individual will have their own journey. Staying empowered and informed while our bodies and ideas are changing can set the stage for powerful girls and women! 
What questions or stories do you have about growing up, about your body, your feelings, your experiences? Let’s hear from the young and the experienced as we support and celebrate each stage of life and focus in on our strong young women during this awesome time for them! (Noel will share poetry, song, and a couple cool tricks during this breakout session.)
Noel is a Naturopathic Doctor in Eastern Washington, where she owns Stellar You Wellness Center. She’s a doc by day and super mom by day and night. She loves community and being as present as possible. Plus she’s psyched about anything and everything nature from garden-to-table meals to kayaking and rock climbing.

Pelvic Bowl Workshop: Explore the root of the female body and feminine energy -  pelvic bowl! 

Examine your relationship with the sacred part of yourself.  Reclaim this center of your creative self through learning introductory tools to access your root, commune with your creative center and honor your feminine energy.  You are invited to wade into the waters of the divine feminine that exists within you and reclaim the power that is you, of you, for YOU!
The workshop will be led by Abby Auch, MSW.  Abby was drawn into her own pelvic bowl work, journeying deep within to meet her wild feminine and heal.  She is fascinated by both the energetic and physical space of the pelvic bowl.  She has led women’s groups to support others journey’s within and continues to learn about different healing modalities that support the health and vitality of the pelvic bowl.

Aging - So What is So Great About Getting Older?

Judith Auslander is dedicated to growing older. 
And she loves talking about getting older. 
Judith is 68 years old and LOVES it! Take part in an interactive conversation and sharing around issues about aging. What are our fears, what are we looking forward to, how to have “that” conversation. 
Judith has a varied and fun background. She has two Masters Degrees (Education and Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Gerontology). She is a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist and hung her shingle for Wise Heart Coaching & Hypnosis back in 2006. Judith is also a Certified Sage-ing Leader with Sage-ing International, giving workshops in how to age differently. Her BFF is Riley, her 2 year old rescue mix dog. 

Group Psychic Mediumship Reading & Energetic Healing with professional Psychic Medium, Anna Blossom Cohen

Starting with a grounding meditation Anna will set the intention for divine connection and healing messages to come through from loved ones who have passed away or are yet to come, from spirit guides and/or from animals. Energetic healing may be offered or information on life path direction as well. Depending on the size of the group, either all or some will receive messages directly. Some messages may be layered and for multiple people, and some will be very specific. The witnessing as well as the receiving are equally important and enriching. Being in the presence of such an experience often leaves one feeling grounded, whole and at peace. You can learn more about this process and Anna’s work here http://www.annablossom.us

Intro to Tarot with Ann
Ann has been using the Aquarian Tarot deck since 1996 and has been reading Tarot professionally since 1999. Don’t know what that means? No worries! Ann loves sharing her Tarot knowledge. Ann will lead a discussion of Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, suits and their corresponding elements as well as divination strategies. All ages, all faiths, all experience levels welcome. Find out more about Ann at http://www.priestessbling.com