What Should I Bring?

You need to bring:
  • Sleeping bag, sheets and or bedding - Cabins are equipped with bunk beds and mattresses
  • Personal toiletries - Cabins have toilets and sinks. A shower house is nearby
  • Comfortable shoes and clothing - Cabins are heated and cooled – however we will be spending time outdoors, and as you know September weather in Oregon is unpredictable.
  • Flashlight/headlamp
  • Water bottle
  • Your journal if you have one

We encourage you to bring:
  • A photo of yourself that you love to be used as part of a group project
  • Musical instruments - especially those that can be played around a campfire
  • Items for the variety show (costumes, props, instruments, etc.)
  • Snacks for yourself throughout the day and to share "after hours"
  • Yoga mat
  • Camp chair
  • Outdoor games/toys (hula hoops, jump ropes, frisbee, etc.)
  • Indoor games (after hours in the cabins!)