What's In It For Me?

KIDS: You will meet new friends, play, make art, and feel the love and support of a tribe of women who care for you and your well-being. 

TEENS: You will spend time among peers in a vibrant, nurturing community of women. Through art and storytelling, you will learn what it means to step into womanhood.

ADULTS: No matter where you find yourself on the journey through womanhood, at Thirteen Moons Retreat you will find a supportive community of women eager to support you through your hardships, laughable moments, and joys. You will continue the ongoing work of self-care and self-understanding.

WISE ELDERS: You will be honored for the experiences and life you have lived. We will celebrate you and encourage you to share the wisdom of your heart, soul, and body with our tribe of women and girls. 

ALL: We will create a tribe of women and girls who accept, explore, and support one another as we each transition through life at our own unique and natural pace. Through fun and fellowship, we will discover new skills to care for ourselves and others in gentle, affirming ways.